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monsanto gmo corn

Food Labeling Laws

There’s an illness in this country and it’s called Conservatism. I call it an illness because it has all the symptoms of one. It causes depression; it makes people lethargic and is the cause of much pain. Allow me to elaborate a little. I have friends from right across the political spectrum and I like nothing better than a lively sparring match on the current state of the nation but at the end of the day, I know that I’ll probably never change the mind of my friends on the right so it’s really all just a bit of fun. What struck me recently was that they don’t take it that way at all. To them, every word is deadly serious. I woke up this morning to several Facebook posts about the recent election. They were similar: the end is nigh, socialism is here and America is finished. Depressing for them isn’t it? They wallow in it and it makes them lethargic because when life as you know it is coming to an end then what can you do except moan about it. It causes pain, very real pain because when this depressing ideology becomes government policy it invariably hurts the most vulnerable in society. Sometimes also, in their rush to defend big business and the American way, Conservatives stand in the way of things that could make life better for all of us, even them.

While my friends were sitting around holding their heads in their hands and wishing for a return to the good old days, other things were happening in the real world. In California, Proposition 37 failed. It was a simple measure designed to make food manufacturers who use genetically modified ingredients label their products accordingly. The Conservatives of the Republican Party rallied against it and a company called Monsanto spent $46 million dollars to convince voters that it would mean higher food prices and the corner store going broke. No offense to Californians when I say this but you bought that? Every time they change a recipe, add a food coloring or run a new ad on TV they change the label. This is not the dark ages of printing labels by hand, a few keystrokes and a click of the mouse and the new label is wrapped around the can. When the rules change, they are given a reasonable amount of time to sell the old stuff and life goes on. So if that’s the case, and we know it is because they do it all the time, then wouldn’t common sense dictate that there was something else they were afraid of? Let me tell you my guess: a long term strategy to dodge future litigation.

With a few notable exceptions like the example in the picture above, GMO crops are probably not all that dangerous to the human body and if they are, would it be enough to stop people buying them? Consumers are an easy mark when it comes to food additives, we know they’re bad but we still shovel them in. Nobody really believes that Kool-Aid or a preservative laced hotdog falls under the category of health food! No, the real issue with GMO food is the fact that the most common reason they are genetically modified is to make them resistant to the Monsanto herbicide known as Roundup. GMO crops are quite literally dripping with it. Glyphosate-based herbicides like Roundup are toxic and more than that, they have been demonstrated by numerous studies to be human hormone disruptors. Imagine a future trial lawyer instigating a class action and holding up for the jury product after product, easily identified by its label as containing Roundup contaminated GMOs.

Conservatives are big on saying that people have a right to self determination and yet they continually argue against it like they did in California over Proposition 37. Individual freedom extends to us being allowed to make a choice in the products that we purchase and consume and inaccurate labeling takes away that choice. When we’re dealing with a product that is potentially toxic, it crosses over into the area of public health.

The issue of GMOs and food labeling is potentially more important to the American People than virtually anything else on the political landscape because it’s what we are feeding our children. Liberals realize this and Conservatives need to as well instead of voting against their own best interests like they do on so many other issues. If you have Conservative friends then show them this article and try to educate them that this is their fight too. You may not be able to convince them that America is not the next Sodom but you may get them to see the truth about why GMO labeling is so important to their family. Next time this issue is on a ballot paper, talk to them again because your words may be enough to sway their vote. Try, because as I said, it’s what we are feeding our kids.

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Written by tcdoust

November 10, 2012 at 1:20 am

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  1. No corporation should be more powerful than our country’s government yet here comes Montsanto. Partnering with Dupont and others, they have again dictated to the American people and have put is all in harm’s way. This is KILLING us, literally!

    Like this


    November 10, 2012 at 9:52 am

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